How AEPS Cash Withdrawal with Soulpay can increase your retail shop income.

It wasn’t too long ago that any kind of banking activity was a major problem for most people with long queues in banks and ATMs, lack of cash, unexpected server issues, and whatnot. With the advent of digital banking and the IMPS and UPI infrastructure, these things have made way for a more equitable banking climate in India where retailer intermediaries bring aadhaar banking services to the most unbanked or underserved populations of the country with last-mile connectivity. AEPS is one of the most integral parts of this new age of digital India through which the most underserved part of India’s citizens gets to avail themselves of aadhaar enabled payment services near their homes with convenience.

What is AEPS Cash Withdrawal service offered
by Soulpay’s online portal?

AePS से नक़द वितरण बना सरल, सुगम और आरामदायक


AePS is one of the most revolutionary solutions for fintech services in this sense. The Aadhar Enabled Payment system allows any Financial Intermediary (which can be a retail shop owner or any independent person registered with a Bank) can do a wide number of money transactions and actions for their customer using Aadhar verification and biometric data of the customer.

This is a safe, secure, and instant way of money transactions for people who do not have access to banks and ATMs nearby, especially the rural population for whom any money transactions activity usually means wasting half their day in travel. The bank-mitras or financial intermediaries are supported by companies like Soulpay, the best AePS service provider company which makes sure that retailers are financially secure and trustworthy for the customers. Soulpay also ensures that the retailers have the trust of customers and get to earn a steady and healthy stream of commission for each transaction they do.

How to become an AEPS Service Provider in India to
do Aadhaar Banking?

अपनी दुकान में आने वाले ग्राहकों की बैंकिंग सेवाओं के लिए भी बनें विक्रेता

    How To become a free AePS Service Provider, you will need to register your retail shop with Soulpay. The steps would include.

  • Aadhaar verification and submission of your other documents.
  • KYC process.
  • You will be registered as an AePS Service Provider in India by Soulpay and become a part of its digital network of fintech service providers.
  • You will get the whole infrastructure of investment at subsidized rates, including a biometric verification machine.
  • You will be given guidance and mentorship for use of AePS and other related financial services on Soulpay that you can use through your retail point KYC process.
  • Now you are ready to be a local mini-fintech store for your community.

Benefits of you becoming an AePS Service Provider
by using Soulpay

आप जानते हैं की AEPS SERVICE PROVIDER बनने की प्रक्रिया सोल पे पर सबसे सरल है?

There are many monetary benefits of becoming an AePS service provider in India as all banks want their services to have last-mile connectivity, and your retail shop is an integral part of that plan. This ensures that your aadhaar-enabled payment system will always have customers and you will be able to get a stream of income constantly.


The various services you can offer as AePS Service
Provider through Soulpay are


Aadhar Enabled Payment System

You can offer AePS payment services for people with Aadhar-linked bank accounts. You will be given a biometric verification machine where you will verify the bank holder's credentials after which your retail shop can provide them a wide variety of services including doing AePS payments and AePS money transfers from their account using just an Aadhar card, even without debit cards and any bank forms.


Aadhar Money Withdrawal

Your shop can essentially be a mini-ATM for your community too as people who need to withdraw cash can simply come to you with their Aadhar cards that are linked to bank accounts and then withdraw their money after account verification. This Aadhar money withdrawal allows a large number of people to have access to fintech services through AePS withdrawal.


Aadhaar Banking

You can also offer other fintech services using the same AePS mechanism by being a free AePS service provider. Your AePS online services can essentially include AePS payment, AePS withdrawal, and AePS money transfer, all with just the use of Aadhar biometric verification for Aadhar Baking. You will not need a Point of Sale for Debit cards or any other type of baking verification as Aadhar- payment systems only need Aadhar Cards. You can withdraw money for your customers, you can deposit their money in their bank accounts and you can transfer that money from one account to another.


DBT Transfers and other things

If your free AePS service provider is located in rural areas or anywhere people are beneficiaries of Direct Benefit Transfer Government Schemes, you can help your community immensely. You can withdraw people’s Direct Benefit Transfers and other Subsidy benefits using your AePS online and you will be authorized by the government to do so using Soulpay.

Other services

Other services

Other services you can offer using AePS cash Withdrawal using Soulpay’s best AePS service provider company include taking out mini-statements and checking bank balance for your customers, becoming a point of money transaction queries too.

Why Soulpay is your best option for becoming a free AePS service provider?

SOULPAY: बने देश के आम नागरिक के बैंक मित्र!

With Soulpay, you get a simple, streamlined method for doing AePS transactions and providing a number of services through Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. You are free from most hassles of this business as your portal will have complete interoperability and you do.