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How can I carry out bank transactions using AEPS?

If you did not know, you could use your Aadhaar card to conduct bank transactions. The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has created an Aadhaar Enabled payment system (AEPS) for people to let them enjoy Digital India. Business correspondents (also known as Agents or Service providers) act as mediators between banks and customers to […]

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Kirana Stores Future With SOULPAY Fintech Services

The Kirana stores, also known as C stores or corner shops, can be found in every nook and cranny of Indian cities. Even though these stores don’t give discounts and load limited stock, they still play a crucial role in delivering the local neighborhood’s grocery and other retail supplies. With the advent of digital technology, […]

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DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) – The Easiest Way To Send Money Digitally

DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) API has made it simple to transfer money to over 200 Indian banks in just a minute. The best DMT API provider company in India, SOULPAY, created an API and SDK to make direct money transfer services attainable for everyone in the country effortlessly. DMT transactions are relatively secure, safe, and […]