After Covid-19 and demonetization, India is pushing toward a cashless economy rapidly. These two catastrophes encouraged digital payment in India. Individuals are likewise feeling alright with these progressions in the banking system. AEPS or AEPS banking had the greatest impact on this change.

Aadhaar enabled payment system is a banking formula that offers banking in rural regions. A great populace is utilizing AEPS banking today and adding to the economy.

According to a business viewpoint, AEPS cash withdrawal business is generally normal among young people and new entrepreneurs these days.

In rural regions as well as in semi-urban and urban regions, individuals are showing interest in beginning the AEPS admin portal and making money.


Why AEPS Cash Withdrawal Is Helpful? – AEPS Banking

AEPS cash withdrawal is highly useful in rural areas where no banking services are easily available. Apart from the service of Aadhaar money withdrawal online, AePS helps the people who don’t have the access to banks in their areas in various ways like-

  • It enables people to withdraw cash without cards.
  • Any person who has a bank account can enjoy cash withdrawal, cash deposit and other banking facilities easily like AePS balance enquiry.
  • AePS also enables farmers to withdraw DBT and other Government relief funds from their Aadhaar linked accounts instantly.

Below we have discussed 7 common mistakes of admin that can ruin your business. So, if you are an AEPS admin or want to begin an AEPS business, this article can be productive for you.

7 Common Mistakes That an AEPS Admin Should Avoid

  1. Do Not Offer A Commission More Than The Service Provider
  2. Never Share Confidential Credentials Under Any Circumstance
  3. Do Not Add Any Member Without KYC
  4. Do Not Make False Promise
  5. Avoiding Your Member Can Ruin Your Business
  6. Keep Updating Your Business
  7. Pick Service Provider Wisely


So, these are a couple of mistakes that can harm your business and can remain you in a tough situation. Ensure you are keeping away from this multitude of mistakes.


Do Not Offer A Commission More Than The Service Provider

This is the extremely usual mistake most digital portal admin do. This is an extremely precarious commission procedure that not every person can execute. Individuals simply copy others and cause themselves problems following a couple of months.

So, if you are new in this business, never under any circumstance offer a commission more than you get to your service provider.

Few extremely experienced admin does this yet they cover this misfortune into another service b2b recharge, BBPS, and so forth.

This is a two-side sword, possibly it can make you benefit or can ruin your business. So, play it admirably.

Never Share Confidential Credentials Under Any Circumstance

Sharing your confidential credentials is truly unsatisfactory for business safety.

AEPS is connected with the banking business and RBI additionally continues to promote that never under any circumstance share your confidential credentials like user name, OTP and passwords with anybody.

So, remember and never at any point share any document that can fall you as well as your business in a tough situation.

Do Not Add Any Member Without KYC

If you are voracious and desire to add an ever-increasing number of members to your downline without checking them, don’t do this.

There are numerous frauds in the market who keep eyes on admin who doesn’t verify prior to adding.

Ensure you have all KYC of all members who are in your downline. On the off chance that any deceit comes, this KYC can make your task exceptionally simple.

Do Not Make False Promise

Assuming that you are hoping to keep your business far, ensure you are following business morals.

Make no false promises to continue to add your members. By doing this, you can do this once yet you will lose them permanently.

So never under any circumstance make any false promise in your business.

Avoiding Your Member Can Ruin Your Business

This is an incredibly usual mistake that most organizations do and get lost. Your member or customer is oxygen for your business and what will occur If you lose your oxygen source?

Precisely same occurs in business. You should keep associated with your members and keep updated with the issues and positives of your portal.

So, you can improve the service that assists you with keeping your business developing.

Keep Updating Your Business

Evolution is the requirement for progress. If you have any desire to get outcome in anything, you should need to develop.

Individuals start a business with AEPS and are caught in this. This is the explanation they were always unable to investigate their market.

Continuing to move can arrive at your final destination. Continue to update your business, If you desire to see your business to a higher level.

Wisely Pick Best AEPS Service Provider In India

Most new entrepreneurs do this mistake and struggle in the middle. AEPS banking is a service business and you require your service provider daily. Prior to arriving at any choice look at everything about an organization, its validity in the market as well as every one of the critical elements of AePS software.

So, ensure you are wisely picking the best AEPS service provider in India.

There are numerous AEPS provider companies in India however I might want to propose to you SOULPAY Software, the best AEPS service provider in India.


In a nutshell, these are the mistakes that most of the Admins do and hence deal with issues. Assuming you are considering beginning an AEPS business, this article will assist you with maintaining your business easily and effectively.