The Aadhar self-service portal is the portal from which you can update, make changes or corrections to your Aadhar card via simple methods. Aadhar self-service portal permits you to submit requests to change the address, mobile number, email, and other basic details fed into the Aadhar database.

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What is AEPS?

AEPS full form is Aadhaar Enabled Payment System with which you can send and get payments utilizing your Aadhaar card and by giving a thumb impression. It is the most secure payment solution since it depends on the unique identification number and permits Aadhaar cardholders to consistently execute financial transactions through Aadhaar based authentication. Additionally, AEPS service is a bank-led model driven by NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) to take a wide range of individuals under the banking structure.

AEPS Cash Withdrawal Meaning:

Aadhaar enabled Payment System is a secure, safe payment method offered by the NPCI that permits customers to withdraw cash and avail other fundamental banking benefits like balance enquiry.

  • Empowers customers to withdraw cash without cards
  • Secure and easy way of cash withdrawal
  • Any bank account holder can access fundamental banking services by easily authenticating transaction with their identities by verifying their biometric details
  • Empowers customers to withdraw Government relief funds, DBT, and cash from their Aadhar Linked Bank Accounts

Services Offered through AEPS Transaction are:

  • Cash Withdrawal – Utilizing AEPS support, without visiting the bank and ATM any client can withdraw cash from his Aadhaar linked bank account by basically giving his Aadhaar number and thumb impression.
  • Fund Transfer – Using AEPS service clients can transfer money immediately starting with one Aadhaar linked bank account then onto the next account in the wake of finishing the Aadhaar verification process.
  • Balance Enquiry – utilizing AEPS portal clients can check their balance in a split second.
  • Mini Statement – mini statement can be created utilizing the Aadhaar number of any Aadhaar linked bank account that shows the historical backdrop of your 5-10 transaction.

Objective and Scope of Bringing AEPS:

  • To enable a bank client to utilize an Aadhaar card to get to Aadhaar empowered bank account and execute banking transactions on concurrent payment channels.
  • To empower banks to route the Aadhaar and virtual ID started interbank transactions via a central switching and clearing firm.
  • To simplify interoperability across banks in a secure and safe way.
  • To serve the objective of the government of India and RBI in the digitalization of retail payments.
  • To simplify Aadhaar based merchant transactions by permitting the merchant to acknowledge the Aadhaar of the client as a payment instrument for the acquisition of services and goods.

Key Features of Our AEPS API

We aspire to connect individuals with the latest innovation of digital payment. A portion of the updated features are-

  1. We provide a completely custom-made AEPS API with latest innovation
  2. Modern layout with high security and simple to utilize ecosystem
  3. Multiple bank utilization facility
  4. Simplifies payments from government schemes also like Jan Dhan Yojna and that’s just the beginning
  5. Also serves un-banked pieces of society to empower financial incorporation.


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