DMT (Domestic Money Transfer) API has made it simple to transfer money to over 200 Indian banks in just a minute. The best DMT API provider company in India, SOULPAY, created an API and SDK to make direct money transfer services attainable for everyone in the country effortlessly. DMT transactions are relatively secure, safe, and based on criteria designed to provide a user-friendly experience.

It has never been easier to get money instantly where you need it. However, we provide a number of options for quickly moving your money to your loved ones. DMT is an assisted service designed to meet the needs of India’s underbanked, unbanked, and migrant population for money transfer.

What is DMT(Domestic Money Transfer)?

Domestic Money Transfer is the best way to transfer money quickly and efficiently. SOULPAY, an API Service Provider in India, offers seamless services to transfer money from an individual account to another account. It eradicates banking’s unprotected assail capability. The quality of performance made under DMT is protected and shielded. It strives to offer a convenient experience to its clients in each situation, making it easy to navigate in the country. DMT API’s most crucial part is that it is a safe application that perfectly combines the NEFT and IMPS APIs over time.

How Is A Domestic Money Transfer Agent A Better Option To Use? 

In this section, we will talk about how a domestic money transfer agent can be Useful for diverse Sections of Society. The domestic money transfer agent can be useful for various sections of society transferring money:

  • Migrant laborers: to send money to their family members at their native place.
  • Daily wage laborers like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc.: transfer cash income to their savings
  • Small business owners, contractors, hotel owners, etc: pay salaries to their staff members.
  • Local residents in the neighborhood

Characteristics Of Domestic Money Transfer:

We can also refer to it as a direct money transfer. Domestic money transfer has some important features that are beneficial to society.

  • Transfer funds quickly to anyone, anywhere in India.
  • Provide money transfer service 24/7 even on public holidays. Accessible on Sundays and other public holidays too.
  • Customers can receive instant confirmation on their registered mobile number, making money transfers 100% secure and safe.
  • The service is also available to India’s small and rural banks.
  • There are no hidden fee charges associated with the service that is provided.

Advantages Of Domestic Money Transfer For The Users:

  • There is no need to wait for hours in bank branches.
  • Reduces travel costs and time.
  • The service is available to individuals even if they do not have a bank account
  • The system is flexible
  • It may be accessible beyond the banking hours

Objectives Of Domestic Money Transfer agent

The primary goal of a Domestic Money Transfer agent is to help un-banked and under-banked people to transfer or send money. The majority of the migrant workers from various states don’t have documents for KYC to open a bank account in their working town or city. As a Money transfer API provider, our goal was to assist them in sending money to their hometown instantly. Because banks aren’t open 24/7, people have to take time off from work and waste a lot of time there. The solution to these problems is domestic money transfer. We are certain to make this service available to everyone in the nation.


Don’t you think that these amazing services offered by money transfer agents have more to offer than just these benefits? Therefore, as the best DMT API provider in India, we are here to assist you to help others in making optimal use of this system.

SOULPAY Is The Best DMT API Provider Company In India!

India’s best API service provider, SOULPAY offers customers a simple, secure, safe, and instant way to send money. We’ve come up with a convenient option for money transfers in your neighborhood utilizing your mobile phone number and bank details. You can send money even on Sundays, public holidays, and after banking hours. You can access our DMT Portal 24/7, 365 days a year. The most incredible thing about this service is that it also helps people who don’t have bank accounts. They can also transfer money to members of their families instantly.

SOULPAY, the leading API service provider, has a decade-long experience in developing and integrating APIs and has always been a pioneer in introducing several technology initiatives in the banking industry.

India’s high-security money transfer agent:

Being a domestic money transfer agent always comes with its challenges due to the fact that it is frequently regarded as high-risk and prone to customer issues. SOULPAY is one of the oldest platforms to offer digital financial services and has assisted individuals in transferring money across the country.

Become A Money Transfer Merchant & Get High Commission

With the SOULPAY money transfer service, every local and Kirana shop can become an online money transfer agent. Customers can easily use these services at their nearby money transfer shop or retail establishment, and you earn a high commission for each transaction. The money transfer business is also available in Hindi and other local languages to make it easier to use. Customers can therefore send money to any part of the country, and the support for the local language makes it simple for them to comprehend each function.

So, provide your customers with safe and effective money transfer services that are available round-the-clock with instant transmission. You can also make transfers even on Sundays or public holidays. By choosing the SOULPAY platform, becoming a money transfer agent is convenient, and cost-effective, and you can get a high commission on each money transfer transaction.

Searching For A Nearby Money Transfer Shop? Stop Your Search With SOULPAY!

Tired of looking for a nearby money transfer shop? Don’t stress over it, SOULPAY has got you covered. We provide you with the finest software support and customized Money Transfer API to begin your DMT business and start earning. The best part is that purchasing DMT API from us is simple, and our payment transfer structure is safe and secure. We have no hidden terms and conditions, so the system we offer to you is really straightforward and easy to comprehend.


As an Indian API service provider, we were aware of the difficulties people faced prior to DMT’s introduction. So, they no longer have to wait in long queues at bank branches to transfer money. Through the DMT API, any Indian citizen can walk into any business correspondent with cash in hand, fill in a few details, and send money to friends, family, and loved ones anywhere in the country.