If you did not know, you could use your Aadhaar card to conduct bank transactions. The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has created an Aadhaar Enabled payment system (AEPS) for people to let them enjoy Digital India.

Business correspondents (also known as Agents or Service providers) act as mediators between banks and customers to mediate financial transactions. AEPS has enabled customers to go to a local retailer and take advantage of various services. The AEPS money transfer, deposits, and mini statement help people avoid visits to banks and ATMs.

Features of AEPS

  • With just your biometric data and Aadhaar number, you can use the service to conduct transactions at a micro-ATM. of AEPS-
  • Using the AEPS, a cardholder can conduct financial transactions with their Aadhaar-linked bank account, similar to a debit or credit card.
  • The transaction is completed by providing the Aadhaar card number and biometric details at Points of Sale (PoS) or micro ATMs through any bank’s business correspondent.
  • Iris or fingerprint scans are both viable options for biometric data.
  • No user-provided financial information is needed to complete a transaction.
  • Because users are required to submit biometrics to complete an AEPS transaction, the data transmitted during the transaction cannot be tampered with.

Requirements to use AEPS

Before you can take advantage of several of AEPS features, you need to make sure of the following:

  • You have an Aadhaar card and a bank account in a registered bank.
  • The Aadhaar card must be linked to your Bank account.
  • You must have your Aadhaar card or the Aadhaar number when visiting the retailer.
  • Ensure that the retailer is registered with NPCI.
  • The retailer must have a micro ATM.

Advantages of the AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled payment system)

The following are some of the many benefits that AEPS provides its users:

  • AEPS is simple as well as straightforward to use.
  • It is secure because it requires biometric submission of the aadhaar card holder.
  • No requirements for any card just share your card number and bank name to complete the transactions.
  • The Micro Payment system can be carried to remote areas to complete transactions.
  • Users do not need to provide their complete bank details to complete the transactions.
  • It enables the user to carry all the bank related at a store near their home.
  • The system allows for transactions of up to five different accounts using the same aadhaar card.

Banking with your Aadhar card

As an AEPS service provider, the Agent can provide additional banking services to their customers while utilizing the exact AEPS mechanism. Aadhar biometric verification for Aadhar Baking is required for Retailer AEPS online services, , AEPS withdrawal. Aadhar cards are only required for Aadhar-based payment systems so that retailers won’t need a point of sale for debit cards or any other kind of baking verification. The retailer can perform the following actions on your behalf:

  • withdraw money from bank accounts linked with Aadhar,

Steps to Withdraw Money from Registered AEPS Retailer

You can follow the steps given below to withdraw money:

  • Visit a local Business correspondent store.
  • Provide the Agent with the 12-digit Aadhaar number and your bank’s name.
  • Select the kind of transaction – cash withdrawal.
  • Enter the transaction’s total amount.
  • Biometrically verify the transaction.
  • Wait for the transaction to finish. The transaction is concluded in a matter of seconds.
  • The Retailer will provide you the transaction amount.

The bank representative gets a transaction receipt upon successful completion, and the consumer receives an SMS confirmation from the bank.

Direct Benefit Transfers

A retailer can greatly assist the community if the free AEPS service provider is situated in remote areas. Retailers can help recipients of government programs that involve direct benefit transfer. Using the Retailer AEPS online system, the Retailer will be able to withdraw people’s Direct Benefit Transfers and other subsidy benefits, and the government will give the Retailer permission to do so using the Soulpay system.


AEPS has enabled the masses to go to a certified AEPS service provider company and complete any financial transaction. All you need is an Aadhaar card, and you can use it for balance inquiry and for a mini statement as well. All you need to do is reach NPCI authorized retailer like Soulpay and use your Aadhaar card for money withdrawal.