Finding a suitable business with less investment has turned into a major challenge these days when the competition is at its zenith and the sources of income have decreased. Do you feel the equivalent as well? If yes, then you can definitely relax, we have a brilliant solution for each of your concerns. The instant money transfer business has acquired a ton of popularity lately.

In the instant money transfer business, you gain admittance to send money quickly 24-7 to any IMPS bank supported in India. Domestic money transfer in India is a service that is given by various companies to transfer money from one account to another in any part of the country.

The process of domestic money transfer in India is absolutely easy. The individual who needs to send the money would need to deposit the amount to the DMR agent. Then, at that point, the agent would transfer the amount using NEFT or IMPS innovation to the sender. Its process is really straightforward and simple.

The advantages of utilizing a money transfer business app are-

  • Simple to utilize
  • No more standing in line for sending money
  • Indeed, even without a bank account, you can get the sum transferred
  • No risk of carrying cash
  • Secure and safe
  • Approved Payment System
  • Flexible system
  • Money transfer to the beneficiary within 24 hrs.

Subsequent to knowing the benefits of the money transfer business app, does it feel like doing the same work?  You can likewise turn into an agent and earn a lot of money by offering this service to different clients. If you have any desire to turn into an agent and earn money through this, then, at that point, there is an incredible platform age for you.


This can be an astonishing company for you if you wish to turn into an agent and want to give instant money transfer services. This organization offers you the convenience to transfer money from your place to any bank account within India via its online money transfer app. SOULPAY has designed an incredible structure to ensure a completely safe transfer of money to the proper bank account within the country.

Its primary focus is digitizing cash and to develop its scope in the future time by offering services by local agents across the world. They give you an extraordinary commission on each transaction that you would do. It would make the work simpler for the clients that are the main reason why individuals need to join their network. SOULPAY gives you are a truly reliable and quick direct money service that would eliminate any extent of deferral or client disappointment. Their main focus is on striving to enhance the instant money transfer business with the goal could accomplish consumer satisfaction.

Working with such an organization can be a delight for you, as they offer money remittance services as well as deal in bill payments, GST services, travel, insurance, AEPS, loans and considerably more.

Interestingly, joining them is really simple and only takes a few steps to become a part of it. For registration, you would have to fill in a few details which are –

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Number
  • Area
  • City
  • Pin Code

When you complete the form and submit it, the GST expert would check your pin code and call you within 24 hrs.

Commission and Earning

SOULPAY pays absolutely well to its agents you would get paid two times per month, which could boost your inspiration considerably more.

This implies that on any transaction that you would do, you will be paid 1% of it. For instance, assuming that you transfer Rs10,000 to your client, you would get a commission of Rs.100. This is an extremely simple and quick approach to earning money with SOULPAY, so you can get their online money transfer app and begin earning.

How You Can Get Money Transfer Business App From SOULPAY?

You ought to likewise really take a look if you are eligible to join them or not. For being eligible:

  • You ought to be an Indian citizen
  • Above 18 years
  • 12th pass
  • Basic computer knowledge

They do not ask for any experience or extra courses for joining them. The application process is basic for getting the money transfer business app-

  • Submit the documents which ought to incorporate 1 passport size photo, copy of PAN card and Aadhar card
  • After that GST would verify your address and documents
  • You would need to pay the fee
  • You would be given 4 days of training

Now, you are all set and offer services to people and assist them with instant money transfers. Their system is truly straightforward and simple to comprehend as they have no hidden terms and conditions.

In a nutshell, to earn a good profit with less investment then SOULPAY is probably the best organization for you to work with. They focus on their growth as well as guarantee the growth of their employees alongside them. Be a part of this notable organization, which provides you an extraordinary juncture in your profession alongside earning a good amount of money. So, join them today and end your search for the best app for online money transfers near me.  Take the first step towards your prosperity with SOULPAY.