People are always searching for ways to earn more money. In a world where making money is tough, it is great to have some extra cash in your pocket from something you do yourself instead of another institution. Here in this blog, we will be discussing how SOULPAY’S digital financial services are profitable for retailers to generate additional income without the arduous work and stress of full-time employment.

Use Soulpay For Selling Digital Financial Services

With the assistance of the SOULPAY app’s digital financial Services, one can begin making money by doing a money transfer and mobile recharge for anybody who needs to perform this action. You will earn a certain percentage of the transfer amount for each transaction. To make money doing this, you do not need any prior experience or expertise; you just need to download the app and find customers in your area who want to transfer money, withdraw money, deposit money, or need a quick mobile recharge for them.

As a leading AePS service provider, SOULPAY offers retailers and businesses access to easy cash withdrawals, Aadhaar Micro ATMs, and other payment facilities for customers to use to make payments easily. Customers can take advantage of these services available to every Kirana store and retailer to receive financial benefits at their closest location.

It’s a great deal for everyone because retailers and shop owners can earn high commissions on each transaction.

Get A Digital Suite of Financial Products/ Services

We offer a digital suite of financial products to assist retailers in upgrading and enhancing their stores. If you are a retailer looking for a passive income source, this is a great opportunity. You can provide digital and financial services to the underserved population and boost your income by becoming a SOULPAY retailer. We offer you the most effective strategy for gaining the trust of local customers. Earn high amount per month by joining our Retailer network. Minimal investment is required.

Get An Online Retailer Business Plan

Have a dream of owning your own brick-and-mortar retail store? Whichever retail option you pick, you will need an online retailer business plan to begin and effectively manage it.

It is vital to design a creative and meticulous online retailer business plan in the time of digitalization where a customer-friendly experience seems to be the foundation of every online store. Making your online retailer business plan with SOULPAY can assist entrepreneurs to examine their business concept and explain why it will find success. The online retailer’s business plan should feature its services, products, marketing strategies, and financial projections. So, make your online retailer business plan with SOULPAY for greater profit!

Get The Best Retail Business Ideas

Not certain where to begin? We’ve compiled a list of some lucrative small retail business ideas below, from high-level ideas to specific niches you might want to examine. They are:

  • Combine two (or more) products/services
  • Subscription boxes with a retail spin
  • Health and wellness
  • Jewelers stores
  • Mobile clothing boutique
  • Personal styling and fashion boutique
  • Design and home goods
  • Cosmetics and skincare
  • Organic cosmetics and skincare
  • Bargain or discount store

Already concocting retail business ideas of your own? SOULPAY can assist you with rejuvenating it! More than 10,000+ merchants all around the country rely on SOULPAY to power their stores, and for good reason: All of the tools you require to sell products, serve shoppers, and expand your business are available to you on our platform.

Get Maximum AEPS Commission

There are various Fintech companies, which provide Payment Apps to receive payments from customers. Along with AePS and other financial services, SOULPAY also operates in a similar field. As one of the most prominent Fintech companies, SOULPAY pays their Retailers the highest possible AePS commission on every transaction.

Become A Money Transfer Agent & Get High Commission

With the SOULPAY money transfer service, any local or Kirana store can become an online money transferagent. Customers can conveniently utilize these services at their nearby money transfer shop or retail establishment, and you get a high commission for every transaction. To make it easier to use, the money transfer business also offers services in Hindi and other local dialects. As a result, customers can send money to any part of the country, and the support for the local language makes it easy for them to understand each function.

Therefore, provide your customers with effective and secure money transfer services that are available round-the-clock with instant transmission. By choosing the SOULPAY platform, becoming a money transfer agent is convenient, and cost-effective, and you can get a high commission on each money transfer transaction.

India’s High-Security Money Transfer Agent: Being a money transfer agent always comes with its challenges since it is frequently regarded as high-risk and prone to customer issues. SOULPAY is one of the oldest platforms to offer digital financial services and has assisted individuals in transferring money across the country seamlessly.

Online India To Nepal Money Transfer

As the best money transfer app in India, SOULPAY offers the retailers associated with it a chance to do online India-to-Nepal money transfers along with various other services which they can use to augment and optimize their earnings. The biggest advantages of using SOULPAY’S Indo Nepal Remittance service with your business include:

  • A consistently available, dependable, and competitively priced Online India to Nepal Money Transfer portal that one can leverage to augment their retail business.
  • One of the most optimized businesses in terms of India to Nepal Money transfer time
  • SOULPAY services and many other services can be offered along with the Indo Nepal Remittance service as SOULPAY’S associated retailer.


There are many ways to earn money on the side that don’t require you to give up your stable full-time job or put a lot of stress in your life.

Digital Financial Services can empower retailers and consumers, everywhere. SOULPAY is helping develop India’s digital finance potential with its aim to promote fair digital finance in the country.

With the increasing usage of digital payment, the risks are also multiplying daily. SOULPAY intends to address that by providing a transparent and fair system when it comes to dealing with digital financial services.

SOULPAY app is an exclusive platform intended for retailers and shop owners to furnish customers with exclusive and multiple financial services at the click of a button. Customers can use the mobile recharge and bill payment facility to make payments, recharge with an assortment of prepaid service providers, and even make DTH payments and earn a good commission on each service. SOULPAY, a leading all-recharge app empowers you to be a multi-recharge company by offering online services for bookings, micro ATM cash withdrawal, bill payment services for retailers, money transfers, Paytm top-up, and much more.