Accessibility to mobile phones and the internet is now more than ever. And everyone who has a phone needs to get them recharged. So, starting a mobile recharge business in India is very profitable right now as there is no lack of customers.

It is a low investment business with a steady profit stream through mobile recharge commissions. In terms of back end and technological support, the picture is even brighter as technologies have appeared that make Mobile and Data recharges simple and convenient.

All you have to do is register your retail shop online with a digital and financial service provider that provides you with a steady stream of mobile recharge commissions with each transaction you make on the retail level. That’s all you need to be ready to start this business. So, there is a minimal capital investment and high reward as a high number of people in India are still underserved in terms of digital and financial services. Retail shops like yours will be the bedrock for the creation of Digital India and AtmaNirbhar Bharat where every Indian has access to financial services.

Starting Mobile Recharge Business With Recharge Business App

If you want to start a mobile recharge business, you need to have a retail store from where you can register on Soulpay’s recharge business app and start doing transactions through their recharge portal.

All you need to do is

— register on Soulpay by entering your mobile number and selecting the plan you want to work with as Soulpay’s digital partner.

— Get a registration ID

Now you will be able to take your retail store online and upload a product catalogue on the Soulpay application. In this way, you can avail of mobile recharge services that Soulpay offers and earn mobile recharge commission on it by doing transactions from your retail point. You can avail other financial and digital services that Soulpay offers too using the same registration.

Why Use Soulpay App And Portal Service

  • Recharge Portal Operability

While many online portals allow the operability of doing mobile recharges for customers, one has to go through the hassle of registering with multiple network providers and getting balances from them to be authorized to do mobile recharges. You can also use another recharge portal and earn your commission on a separate basis. However, Soulpay has streamlined this process with its easy-to-learn and easy-to-start process of digital and financial services which any retailer can join with almost no capital requirements.

Soulpay is an all-in-one recharge business app with a commission that connects your retail shop with a larger digital retail community. It also associates you with the vast number of people in rural India who require digital and financial services.

  • Easy mobile recharge application with training and security

Becoming a Soulpay digital partner has been made quite simple and is completely safe.

You will be provided training Assistance before you become a retailer. This training ensures that you can optimize the productivity of your retail store by working with highly trained professionals.

Retailers do not have to worry about the safety and security of their business as Soulpay puts in the maximum effort to ensure that retailers and consumers gain trust in their services. Hence they are working on a zero-tolerance policy for the security and safety of millions of retailers connected with them.

With Soulpay, you can serve the underserved rural and semi-urban population of India with this simple and easy mobile recharge application for their mobile recharge needs using Soulpay’s recharge portal.

  • All in one recharge app with a commission

Not only this, you will be able to provide multiple allied services as a one-stop solution in your retail area, as Soulpay offers not only an easy mobile recharge application but also services like DTH payments, money transfer, utility bill payments, AEPS or money withdrawal without an ATM, train, bus and flight bookings and even credit card payments. You can also use their Indo Nepal Pay for sending remittances to relatives in Nepal without a bank account. You can also use the CMS system for EMI payments of consumers and serve as a MICRO ATM for their transactions.

  • Mobile Recharge Commission

Thus, Soulpay offers a variety of digital and financial services that any person with a retail shop can use to augment and increase their income from mobile recharge commissions and other commissions. The revenue stream and commissions earned by retailers are transparent, consistent and better than the industry standard.

Add to that, there is no hassle with the customers regarding rates and accounting for the smallest margins. All the rates and accounting for the volume of business are taken care of by Soulpay itself. All you have to do is make your mobile recharges or money transfers and earn a mobile recharge commission on them.