People transfer funds daily, In the current era there are an increasing number of ways. Through various electronic channels, retailers, corporations, independent contractors, and individuals move money across several currencies and nations to pay for goods, services, or even to friends and family.

Remittances have proven to be an essential source of income for many people and families around the states who have relatives who’ve already moved to other states. . The majority of workers frequently send money home to support their family’s income. However, transferring money to friends and family isn’t the only aspect of money transfers, am I right?

So, here we present the Greatest Fintech Store SOUPLAY which provides you with the best services under one roof. They aim to build a growing society where the unreached population can go outside their doorstep and access financial services. They have collaborated with retail stores and fabricated a solid community to assist in fintech services like money transfers, mobile recharges, bill payments, etc.

What Does “Money Remittance ” Mean? Can It Be Regarded As An Instant Money Transfer?

The transfer of cash or funds to another party is known as a remittance of money. There is a common example of immigrants who transfer money to support their families income. Money remittance has been regarded as one of the most important sources of income for developing states. Remittances are also used for things like paying college tuition and investing across state lines. Secondly, it can be regarded as an instant money transfer as in a few seconds one can receive the amount in their account which is easily accessible by the holder and tends to be very supportive at times.

Money Remittance can be divided into 2 categories-

1.     Inward Remittance- The process of receiving money from one’s employer, or friend, from one place to another refers to inward remittance.

2.     Outward Remittance-The process of transferring funds from one state to another state through a Fintech platform, bank, or an MTO. Join Soulpay for online India to Nepal money transfer

How many types of  Money Remittances are there?

Remittance of Money might be of any size or shape. For your conveyance, we‘ve listed some of the popular methods of money transfer as follows-

1.     Bank Draft

A bank draft is very much similar to a bank cheque, with the exception that it can be redeemed in a bank other than the one issued it. You can transfer the amount from your account to a business partner, friend, or family member who does not have an account using a bank draft.

2.     Wire Transfers

.Wire transfers include sending money electronically across a network that is controlled by banks and transfer service providers in the digital world. The execution of wire transfers can take up to two business days.

3.     Money orders

Money orders, unlike bank cheques, can be purchased using cash at various locations and sent to the recipient as payment. They are used to pay for purchases and other transactions.

4.    Internet Money Transfer

An internet money transfer offers a convenience that’s easier to match if you’re seeking something simpler, faster, and less expensive. SOULPLAY is a Fintech store that allows you to transfer any amount domestically and especially to Nepal according to your wish. SOULPAY promotes us to use the digital wallet in the digital world.

Now, How Does It Function?

You must first register with a service provider to send money through a money transfer service. This usually requires proof of identity and address, such as a driver’s license or passport.

Afterward, you can start a transaction using a mobile operator, your desktop, or both.

You must first enter the recipient’s account number and personal information before making a payment with cash, a debit card, or a credit card.

How to Use Soulpay’s Retailer ID to Transfer Cash from India to Nepal.

1.     Create an Account

Quickly and safely create an account with us in minutes.

2.      Fund Your Wallet

Securely fund your account via bank transfer or mobile money transfer.

3.     Input The Receiver Details

Give the recipient’s information. Choose a mobile wallet as your payment method. Click SEND, then wait while we work.

Depending on the service provider utilized, the recipient receives the money instantly, within minutes, or hours. Additionally, they have the option to withdraw the funds using their mobile wallets, or a nearby mobile money agent.

How to enjoy the benefits of fintech services for your remittance solution?

1.     No Hidden Charges

Fintech stores allow you to transfer instant money at competitive rates, and because you eliminate bank fees and exchange rate margins, which are typically less expensive. However, SOULPAY is the best Fintech Store that helps you to always check for hidden expenses. By doing this, you can avoid extra fees that would have been unavoidable when using more conventional payment methods like checks and wire transfers.

2.     Transfer Money Anywhere (Domestically)

By completing all transactions from your computer or mobile device, you can avoid unnecessary lines and paperwork. Send money quickly and easily to any location in INDIA. There is no need to deal with drawn-out transfer regulations or visit a bank branch. Fintech store SOULPAY will help you make it simple to transfer instant money to your loved ones.

3.     Security

Fintech platforms offer additional security to help you, protect your data and funds using bank-level encryptions and multi-factor authentications. You won’t need to be concerned about fraud or identity theft because the operator keeps all of your personal information safe and private and doesn’t share it with anybody else in any way.

4.     Easy-to-Use

SOULPAY  fintech store provides easy-to-use dashboards that you may create on your own that direct you to any features or services you’d like to use. In contrast to traditional banks, you can access these services from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. You only need a MOBILE PHONE and an internet connection to get started.

Final Thoughts

What are you still holding out for?

Join SOULPAY’s mission of digital financial transformation and aid in the advancement of financial inclusion. Become a SOULPAY  retailer right away to enjoy the biggest advantages.