Want to send money from India to friends, family, or businesses in Nepal (or even to your own bank account)? Searching for the most effective way to send money to Nepal from India? Try not to go directly to your Indian bank – go to the online best money transfer app to India instead. They almost consistently offer better exchange rates and lower fees – and that implies for a similar amount of rupees you send, the recipient will get more rupees.

Compare Ways To Remit Money To Nepal

One ought to always compare the services that the best money transfer app to India offers to send money to Nepal from India. Contrast the Nepal money transfer near me providers’ fees and speeds, to discover the best one to send money to Nepal.

How To Transfer Money To Nepal From India

Don’t know how to transfer money to Nepal from India? Here’s the simple process in form of money pickup or bank transfer – the two options are comparative:

  1. Contrast your options. On the web, compare the services of Nepal money transfer near me providers that send INR to Nepal. One might be better for money pickups while another may be more qualified for a bank transfer. Whenever you’ve tracked down the best one for your prerequisites, Go to their site.
  2. Register for an account. You’ll have to give your name, contact details, address, proof of ID, and payment method.
  3. Provide recipient details. Enter your recipient’s name and contact data. In the event that you’re sending directly to their Nepali bank account, you’ll require the account number, SWIFT, or IBAN in addition to their bank branch’s address.
  4. Enter the transfer amount. Check you are content with the fees, transfer speed, and exchange rates, then, at that point, enter the amount you wish to send. Many services provide the amount of Nepalese Rupee your recipient ought to get, so double-check this.
  5. Complete your transfer. Send money to Nepal. Keep any reference number secure so you can track your transfer – your recipient might require it as well.

On the off chance that you send to a Nepali bank account, your recipient will require to wait for the funds to come. For money pick up, your Nepali recipient should show a type of photo ID to get the funds. You genuinely should give them the transaction reference number to smooth out the process.

Ways To Receive And Remit Money To Nepal

How to decide which option is best for you to send money to Nepal?

Sending money to Nepal

  • Bank deposit. Most significant banks in the Republic of India let you wire money to banks in Nepal. Nonetheless, you could pay higher fees and get weaker exchange rates for the privilege of a slower transfer.
  • Online money transfer services. Online companies make international money transfers to Nepal simple with bank transfers or cell phone top-ups frequently presented as simple delivery options.
  • Transfer agents across the Republic of India. Many transfer providers have areas dotted the whole way across the Republic of India, making it simple for you to send money that can be effectively picked up in comparable agent locations in Nepal.
  • Cheques and money orders. In the event that speed isn’t an issue, you can always get an international cheque from your bank or India Post to send to Nepal.

Receiving money in Nepal

  • Cash pick-up. you can collect cash, regardless of whether you have a bank account in Nepal.
  • Bank deposit. On the off chance that you have a Nepali bank account, you can have money transferred straightforwardly into this without making any excursions to a money transfer agent location.
  • The Xoom application permits you to receive money from India into your Nepali bank account, onto your cell phone, or as a cash pick-up.
  • Cheques and money orders. Both money orders and personal cheques can be sent straightforwardly to you where you reside yet these will quite often be the slower options.

What Documents Do I Need To Send Money To Nepal?

To send money to Nepal, you’ll require the accompanying:

  1. Photo ID

Most providers require a passport, driver’s license, or other Indian government-issued ID. You can send transfers without the abovementioned yet may have to give a substitute ID instead.

  1. Payment method

Your options rely upon the provider’s services. Well-known methods incorporate debit or credit card payments, cash, bank account transfers, and personal cheques.

  1. Recipient information

You’ll require their name (matching their ID) in addition to contact details. In case sending to a Nepali bank account, you’ll require the a/c number, SWIFT, and branch details.


What Documents Do I Need To Receive Money In Nepal?

To collect money in person in Nepal, the recipient will require:

  1. Transfer number

The reference number – is in some cases called a PIN, MTCN, or tracking number.

  1. Government-issued ID

An official ID, like a Nepali passport or driving license.

  1. The transfer amount

To realize how much has been sent, normally to within 10% of the aggregate.

  1. Sender information

The sender’s name and address and the country from where the money was sent.

What Amount Does It Cost To Send Money To Nepal From India?

The expense of sending money to Nepal from India relies upon the exchange rate between INR to NPR, how you want your recipient to receive your transfer, the fees, and the turnaround time:

  • Exchange rates. The mid-market rate is the rate banks and transfer services utilize to trade between each other. It is the best rate that you can get. However, not all money transfer providers provide you with this mid-market rate so contrast the exchange rate you’re presented with the mid-market rate and search for the smallest distinction.
  • Transfer fees. Are you being charged a percentage of your transfer amount or a flat fee? For instance, a provider proposing to transfer your money to Nepal for a flat or low fee could work out better in the event that you intend to send a huge amount.
  • Transfer speed. Assuming you really want your transfer to show up quickly, you can pay for fast delivery. Companies offer instant cash pickups yet may charge more. If you’re not in a hurry, online money transfer services can provide the best value, usually getting your money to Nepal quicker and less expensive than banks.
  • Transfer limits. Figure out the amount you can send with each service. For instance, one provider might have a send limit of ₹10,000 while another may permit you to transfer up to ₹1 million. Check the fees for smaller transfers. Look harder at the exchange rate for huge transfers. A few providers support big transfers with low fees.
  • Transfer type. Does your recipient have a Nepali bank account or is cash or cell phone top up the better choice? Each transfer type will have distinct fees. For instance, instant cash pickups will generally be more costly than bank transfers.
  • A few providers might provide you a free transfer basically for signing up while others might provide you a discount in the event that you transfer more than a specific amount.