How doing Indo Nepal Remittance can enhance your retail income easily

Best Indo Nepal MONEY TRANSFER APP IN INDIA, आज ही Soulpay Indo Nepal Remittence का लाभ उठाएं

Many people from Nepal come to India for work and need to regularly send money back home as a Remittance to their families and other related people. This is often a major hassle as it usually involves variable exchange rates and variable fees charged by operators who provide Nepal money transfer services. One can also make use of domestic banks within India but that is usually cumbersome as banks tend to charge more commissions and fees while providing more lax services with increasing transfer times.

Thus, your best bet to do Indo-Nepal Remittances is often digital operators who can organically send remittances to Nepal from India and take less India to Nepal Money Transfer Time. The best app to avail of these services and to do online India to Nepal money transfers is Soulpay which offers the option for retailers and distributors to offer Nepal money transfer services to their customers.

If you have a retail shop around an area with Nepal immigrants in India who need money transfers frequently, becoming a Soulpay retailer and offering this service will enhance your earnings with almost no extra investments.

जानिए कैसे आप भी कर सकते हैं Nepal Money Transfer

Transferring money from India to Nepal is quite a complex process as it involves international transactions. However, this process has been made very simple by Soulpay. As a retailer, one would have to first register as a Soulpay Nepal Money transfer merchant retailer. The process of registration is quite simple and easy.

Registration and setting up the business involve:

  • Getting your documents verified as a retailer, usually involves government-sanctioned documents and a KYC only.
  • getting a unique retailer ID.
  • understanding the process of Indo Nepal Remittance using Soulpay through the guidance and mentoring period.

Learn how to do Nepal Money transfers and enhance
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सोलपे के साथ भारत से नेपाल पैसा भेजना अब और भी किफायती और आसान

As a retailer, first of all, you will have to make it clear to the customers that there is a certain median exchange rate on which they will be offered to send their money, this is the best rate on offer. A responsible retailer would also encourage the customer to understand this on their own through the web and compare various transaction fees.

As a Soulpay retailer, you will be offering them a consistently good price in terms of the exchange rate. This means they will be able to send more money back home (as received by them) using the same amount of money here.

The process is quite simple:

  • The retailer will register the remitter in their money gram service to transfer money.
  • Verify documents and government ID proof
  • Provide Recipient details including name and contact. If they want to transfer money directly into a Nepali Bank account, one might need the account number, Swift, and IBAN in addition to all this.
  • The retailer will now intimate the sender about transfer fees, exchange rate, and transfer speed available. Soulpay assures the most competitive prices and fast delivery.
  • After the transaction, the retailer will provide the sender with a reference number which they must keep and send to the receiver.

India to Nepal Money transfer is made easy by Soulpay, provided by Retailers

Bill Payment

आप अपनी दुकान से ही SOULPAY के Retailer बनकर यह सेवा प्रदान करें और Commission और Fees का लाभ उठाएं

The process as demonstrated here is quite simple and convenient. When the person across the border in Nepal needs to accept money, all they have to do is visit their bank or their service provider where they can show the relevant bank documents and government ID proof along with the reference number and receive their remittance in Nepal. India to Nepal money transfer time taken by Soulpay’s services is drastically less than other services.

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Indo Nepal Remittance Limit and things to consider as Soulpay Retailer

There are limits and regulations for all service providers who do Indo Nepal remittance and the transferer must be mindful of what their retailer or service provider is offering them. They must always compare it with other options and make their decision wisely. In terms of Online India to Nepal money transfer, Soulpay is often the best bet one can make because of its consistent and easy-to-use services, approachable retail structure, and delivery credentials.

Soulpay’s offerings are thus very competitive and beneficial in terms of the market offerings and any person who requires a regular stream of Indo Nepal remittance scheme would like to use the option through Soulpay’s retailers.

सोलपे यूजर के लिए अनेक सुविधाएं उपलब्ध,सूझबूझ के साथ मौजूदा सेवाओ का चयन करे

Why Soulpay is the best option for remittance
To Nepal from India business

अपने Retail Shop की आमदनी बढ़ाने और कई Services ग्राहक को देने के लिए SOULPAY चुनें

Soulpay offers the retailers associated with it a chance to do online India to Nepal money transfers along with various other services which they can use to augment and optimize their earnings. The biggest advantages of using Soulpay’s Indo Nepal Remittance service with your business includ

  • A reliable, consistently available, and competitively priced Online India to Nepal Money Transfer portal that one can use to augment their retail business
  • a high Indo-Nepal remittance limit
  • One of the most optimized businesses in terms of India to Nepal Money transfer time
  • Money gram services and many other services that can be offered along with the Indo Nepal Remittance service as Soulpay associated retailer
  • Help and guidance through Soulpay’s support team to make the best out of your remittance business
  • Earning money by using the best money transfer app in India.