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Begin, A Mobile Recharge Business with Soulpay is more simple and profitable

कमाएं पैसे SOULPAY Mobile Recharge बिज़नेस के साथ

Mobile phones and smartphones are now aplenty and everyone needs regular recharges for their mobile networks. These recharges are now made easy by various digital infrastructures for recharge purposes but still, it is a hassle for a lot of people to get their recharges done regularly.

Earlier, opening a mobile recharge business meant you had to get permissions from separate operators and other permits for prepaid and postpaid recharges from the same companies, making it cumbersome. The retailer also had fewer margins in commissions and fees as these were determined by different networks at different rates, making it difficult to predict the margins of profit one can accrue.

But now, with the emergence of all recharge apps like Soulpay, this process has been made very easy for the recharge retailer. The all-recharge app of Soulpay allows the retailer to register themselves as a recharge retailer and then earn a commission for all mobile recharges they do.

Learn how to earn money for recharge and get a mobile recharge retailer commission with Soulpay and set up your own retail business to increase your income.

How to earn money from recharge by using Soulpay mobile recharge service

SOULPAY पर Mobile Recharge का Business करना है आसान, जिससे आपकी income में भी बढ़ोतरी होगी

Earning money from doing mobile phone recharges is simple and convenient with Soulpay. All you need is a retail point from where you can run your business and then get basic digital infrastructure. Then you can register with Soulpay as a retailer and avail of their mobile recharge business services. There is no hassle of going to different mobile networks and getting permits from them as all of that work is done for you by Soulpay as their retail partner. You can even avail of other financial services and enhance your business using Soulpay like money transfers and bill payments.

These are the usual steps you go through to set up your mobile recharge business:

  • You register yourself on Soulpay with relevant identity proofs and other required documents
  • You undergo a system of KYC which is easy and takes less time
  • Now you will get your unique retailer ID using which you can avail of Soulpay’s mobile recharge business online
  • Learn how to use the Soulpay online portal with the help of their digital partners who are available for your needs and you will be good to go.
Bill Payment

Retailer commission on Soulpay’s mobile
recharge service

SOULPAY द्वारा दिये गए Commission Market में सबसे बेहतर माने जाते हैं

You will be doing mobile recharges for your customers over their mobile networks with whatever plans they need, all of which you can do through Soulpay’s all recharge app. As a recharge retailer, you will be entitled to earn a commission that is fixed and this will be your source of income throughout the job. You do not have to worry about the security and reliability of your operations as Soulpay puts in the maximum effort to provide the best services to their partners and also shows a user interface where you can show your customers all prospective plans and options.

Bill Payment

With Soulpay you can do Postpaid recharge and prepaid recharge both onilne

As a Soulpay retail partner, you will get the chance to do both online prepaid and online postpaid recharges for your customers. There is no need for separate registration for providing both of these services as it comes with your Soulpay registration. You only have to show your prospective plans offered by the mobile networks for your consumer and in the case of postpaid recharge, the process is quite similar to setting up a bill payment.

आप अपनी दुकान पर सोलपे पोर्टल से प्रीपेड और पोस्टपेड दोनों सर्विस प्रदान कर के अपनी आमदनी को और ज्यादा बढ़ा पाएंगे

Earn Income

Recharge for all mobile networks like BSNL, Airtel, and Jio with one app

Before, you had to get separate permissions from different mobile networks and register separately as their service provider to do their recharges. That has now changed with Soulpay. Using Soulpay’s all recharge app you can do mobile recharges for all the networks available like BSNL, Vi, Airtel, Jio, and many others. Whatever network your customer will need a recharge for, you can do it simply and conveniently.

This will help you earn more mobile recharge retailer commissions with less hassle.

Why choose Soulpay as your all recharge app for mobile recharge business

लोगों के Mobile Recharge करके अपनी Income बढ़ाएं और अपने इलाके में बनिये सबसे बेहतर Service Provider

With the advent of Digital India, there are many apps and providers you can use for your mobile recharge business and to provide other digital and financial services. But using Soulpay allows you the best user experience and some of the most competitive commission rates along with an all-in-one app that you can use to provide a variety of services.

Choose Soulpay if you want to :

  • Do mobile recharges for all mobile networks without going separately to each network for registrations
  • Do both online postpaid recharge and online prepaid recharges using Soulpay’s all recharge app.
  • Use a safe, secure, and easy to operate all recharge app for all your mobile recharge business needs
  • Have an easy-to-use platform to augment and optimize your earnings from your retail shop
  • Serve the underserved population in your community and provide them with various services like mobile recharge, but also bill payments, and transfers.
  • Be the best financial and digital service provider in your area while earning the most competitive commissions for doing your services.