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Your retail shop comes with limited income growth. This is why SoulPay has taken an initiative to connect small retailers from all over India to become part of a digital community.

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Get Top-notch Digital India Fintech Services With Soulpay!

Soulpay Helps Transact With Higher Speed, Convenience, And Ease!

Ever find yourself wanting a fintech store that thinks, behaves and acts just like you would want it to – an accomplice so intuitive and seamless that is unlike any other. Digital India fintech services by SOULPAY permit you the ideal opportunity to partake in a paperless experience, where you never again need to keep track of your transactions or banking history via physical documents. Digital India fintech services, particularly through mobile app have majorly assisted the rural areas. Now, they don't need to stress over travelling long distances anymore, just to get to the nearest bank, particularly during any financial emergencies. As a matter of fact, the rural populace benefits the most from our digital India fintech services as they have access to the easiest of financial transactions just with a click of a button.

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Join as a Retailer to Serve Rural India

Increase your earning potential and grow your business with ZERO working capital.


How SoulPay Assist Retailers?

We have a digital suite of financial products to help retailers upgrade their stores. It is an excellent opportunity for retailers who are looking for a passive income source. By becoming a SoulPay retailer, you can offer digital and financial services to the unreached population. We provide you with the best way to earn the trust of customers in your area.
Join our Retailer network and start earning 20,000 per month. Minimal investment is required.

Become A Soulpay Retailer Without Any Investment!

Enhance your store and begin earning more by using our digital suite of products. You can increase your income, by providing our digital India fintech services to the unreached populace. End up being the most trusted retailer in your area.

Retailers Benefits

SoulPay Benefits to Retailers

Ab Galle ke Cash ka Karein Sahi Upyog Aur Hazaron Kamayein Rozana

SoulPay is a trusted platform that connects You with Rural India. It offers several benefits to the retailers, including:

Before you become a SoulPay retailer, we provide training programs and financial consulting to ensure you connect with us for a lifetime. Our experienced and highly trained professionals will assist in setting up a modern retail store.

SoulPay takes care of the safety and security of the retailers in the first place. We put our maximum endeavor to ensure your our retailers don't lose trust in us. We are working on a zero-tolerance policy for the security and safety of millions of retailers who are connected with us.

With SoulPay, you get an opportunity to serve the rural population and increase your income level. By providing all kinds of financial services, You can attract more customers to your store. From the convenience of your retail store, you can act as an individual fintech store.

When you attract more customers by offering different financial services, you earn commission on every transaction. With SoulPay, you can increase your business with no capital investment.

Make Your Online Retailer Business Plan With Soulpay For Greater Profit!

Do you fantasize about possessing your own brick-and-emortar retail store? Whichever retail option you pick, you’ll need an online retailer business plan to begin and effectively manage it. It is vital to design a creative and meticulous online retailer business plan in the time of digitalization where a customer-friendly experience seems to be the foundation of each and every online store. Online retailer business plan can assist entrepreneurs to examine their business concept and explain why it will find success. All online retailer business plan should feature their services and products, marketing strategies, and financial projections.

Retailer Assistence
Retailer Assistence

Get The Best Retail Business Ideas And Grow With Soulpay!

Planning to start a retail business of your own? Are you keen on beginning a retail business in your city, small town, or village? Are you searching for profitable retail business ideas? While researching new retail business ideas, you might have discovered various retail business ideas. If you are still uncertain about which are the most profitable retail business ideas in India, then SOULPAY is here to guide you with the best retail businesses to start today. There are numerous options accessible in India. There's nothing that you can't retail nearly assuming you have the platform and passion. Some of India's best retail business ideas incorporate:

  • Kirana Stores
  • Fruits Stores
  • Seed Store, etc.
  • Stationery and Books Stores
  • Flower Shops

Since you have plenty of retail business ideas to look over, what are you waiting for? Utilizing the accessible opportunities, you could make a great income. Choose the one that best suits your area of interest and spending plan and start your profitable retail business.

Soulpay Retailer
Soulpay Retailer

Small Retail Business Ideas - Step Towards Progress And Additional Income!

The best small retail business ideas frequently sit at the intersection of market demand and your interests/ passions. Simply put, small retail business ideas are something that a) people want and b) really spur your interest. Not certain where to begin? Beneath, we have listed some of the lucrative small retail business ideas, going from high-level ideas to make you think to explicit niches you might want to explore. They are:

  • Combine two (or more) products/services
  • Subscription boxes with a retail spin
  • Health and wellness
  • Jewelry stores
  • Mobile clothing boutique
  • Personal styling and fashion boutique
  • Design and home goods
  • Cosmetics and skincare
  • Organic cosmetics and skincare
  • Bargain or discount store

What Are Your Retail Business Ideas?

Already cooking up retail business ideas of your own? SOULPAY can assist you with rejuvenating it! In excess of 25,000 retailers all over the India trust SOULPAY to power their stores, and for good reason: our platform offers you all the tools you require to sell products, serve shoppers and grow your business.

Get Maximum AEPS Commission With Soulpay!

There are several Fintech companies, which offer Payment Apps to receive payments from customers. SOULPAY likewise works in a similar field with AePS and other financial services. SOULPAY, as one of the leading Fintech companies, provides AePS commission on every transaction to their Retailers.

Obtain Smart Fintech Retail Store And Financial Services For Every Need!

Make every day better with smart, simple, personal finance. SOULPAY is making the India’s largest financial system faster, easier, and more accessible with its retail fintech services. Leverage our digital suite of products to improve your store and control your, customers, credits and payments better. Offer our assisted retail fintech services to boost your income. Be the trusted fintech store in your area. At SOULPAY, we persistently endeavour to bring retail fintech services that not only make your customer’s life uncomplicated but also add another stream of revenue for our Retailers and Distributors. In light of this, we have introduced retail fintech services covering a huge scope of services such as Aadhar ATM, Micro ATM, and Money transfer (Indo Nepal). Come join us in bridging the gap between Rural and Urban India.

Digital India Fintech Services
Digital India Fintech Services

Wide Variety Of Products And Services Of Retail Fintech Store Includes:

  • Checking and savings accounts
  • Certificates of deposit (CDs)
  • Mortgages
  • Lines of credit such as home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) and other personal credit products
  • Automobile financing
  • Credit cards
  • Foreign currency and remittance services

How to Join as a SoulPay Retailer?


Step 1

Send your query to us


Step 2

We check the eligibility and confirm


Step 3

Get connected with us for your KYC after confirmation


Step 4

Be Ready to EARN

Retail who can Join with us:

Kirana Shop

Stationery Store

Medical Store

Small Restaurant

Garment Store

Tailoring Shop

Mobile Recharge Shop

Travel Agency

Download a SoulPay App and be ready for a quick business transformation