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Who Are We?

Soulpay Is The Heart Of Modern Finance! ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT

Soulpay came into existence to provide financial assistance to the unreached population through a trusted Soulpay network.

We have partnered with retail stores and built a solid community to assist financial services like Money transfer, mobile recharges, bill payments, etc. This entire journey is designed to help our retail partners grow and prosper in this tech era.

We believe in:

  • Improving and raising the quality of your life
  • Helping the migrant population by aiding financial services
  • Bringing Atma Nirbhar Bharat together
  • Innovating and delivering excellent Digital Services

Rise Of Digital Transformation In Money Transfer With Soulpay!

Soulpay Retailer

Digital Transformation In Fintech Services Makes Transactions Seamless!

Gone are the days when consumers had to wait for hours to arrive at the front of the queue, fill out forms, complete formalities, and access customer care for help at banks. Digital transformation in financial services offers advanced self-service capabilities! With digital transformation in money transfer, self-service capabilities offer clients operational processes that were already only accessible through a physical branch. So, think outside the box with the SOULPAY app!


Atmanirbhar Bharat की पहचान,
हर दुकान डिजिटल प्रधान!

SOULPAY provides excellent earning potential with the opportunity to develop your business without any additional investment. Whether you are a retailer or distributor, we have smart solutions for everyone. Build a progressive society, where everybody has simple access to financial services, by creating the biggest agent network in the country.

How to be the part of Soulpay Community


Enter Mobile Number

Start your digital business by entering your mobile number or date of birth


Select Plan

Go through the plans available for the digital partners and choose the one you wish.


Get Transaction ID

To ensure a successful start, get your transaction ID at once.

How It Works?

Become a Soulpay partner is a single click process. Download our application and take your retail store online within few minutes. To create your online store, upload a product catalog on the Soulpay application. Start attracting customers and increase the reach of your business.